Hi there!

Come on in!


Johnny invites the students to join him in his day-to-day and learn with him during his adventures.

Do you want to come and play and learn with Johnny?


Johnny’s World stories are based on childhood themes, recreating familiar situations in English, linking the language to the child’s world. So the children sing, play, count and experience their day-to-day in English.

The course

The child learns by experiencing the language in a fun all-English environment.

Material written by professionals bilingual in Portuguese and English.

Prepares children for bilingual education.

No-prep material for the teacher, eliminating time spent preparing classes and activities, and ensuring the quality of the content offered to the student.

Creative and attractive materials based on stories, songs, games and activities that incorporate CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).
So the subject matter and the language are taught together.

The activities apply the multiple intelligences along with TPR (Total Physical Response) to create dynamic classes that encourage the students to interact in English.